RADAR-AD (Remote Assessment of Disease And Relapse – Alzheimer’s Disease) aims to transform patient care through remote assessment – using mobile technologies such as smartphones or fitness trackers, and the use of devices such as pads. The project will develop the technology to identify which clinical or physiological features – digital biomarkers – can be measured remotely to predict deterioration. 

To achieve this, we are creating a pipeline for developing, testing and implementing remote measurement technologies for Alzheimer’s Disease.  Patients will be involved at each stage of development. The project will include a generic data management and modelling infrastructure already in use (in the RADAR-CNS project).  This platform will be further developed with the flexibility to be adapted for future technological developments and similar projects.

We will anticipate and solve any potential problems with using remote measurement technologies by consulting patients, caregivers, clinicians, payers, regulators and healthcare providers throughout the project duration.

We bring together an international consortium of academic and industrial members who are leaders in the field of AD.  We also deliver clinical expertise and access to patient cohorts in this disease area.  All of this is combined with leading technical and methodological expertise in the disciplines required to develop and implement remote measurement technologies.